Puerto Rican Pride: Q&A with Hip Hop Artist Mr. Vargas

DZI: The Voice

Mr. Vargas

Gabriel G. D. Vargas was born with music in his blood. As the son of former Latin band member Daniel Vargas, the sounds of his Puerto Rican heritage are embedded in his DNA. So it was only a matter of time before the New York native turned toward creating his own music. 

After overcoming troubles with the law as a teenager, the aspiring artist took on the moniker of Mr. Vargas, and by the age of 20 he was appearing on mixtapes. Another setback led to Vargas serving a two-year sentence in state prison, but his release in January 2012 was the catalyst to his permanent turn toward Hip Hop.

Vargas eventually hooked up with production team The Vamp. His discography now includes tracks with Jim Jones, Troy Ave, and Mysonne. He is now currently working on releasing a full project.

In DZI: The Voice‘s latest interview, Mr. Vargas discusses his upbringing, connecting with…

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