About Me

My names Hayley Maree Gatt I am 18 years old and currently studying a Bachelor in Business Music Management. I have begun my own independent business called ‘Thirteen Management’ my company is aimed to help music artists achieve there goals and make them into the kind of artist they wish to be. Through hard work and commitment I will strive to achieve the best for all artists under me that I manage. My services work far beyond the business sides of things, personally I believe it is more important to create a personal relationship with the artist before anything and create a trust.


Dream Reader

Thirteen Management is a independent company aiming to help artists get to where they wish to be. The company is 100% dedicated to putting in as much passion and heart and soul into the artists work and helping them get to where they wish to be. This blog is a new element we have added in to publicize our services as much as possible. #music #industry #management #musicmanagement